Development of models, methods, and information technology with the purpose of increasing the speed, efficiency and reliability of bioengineering efforts in medicine.

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Preparing students for careers that will exploit the power of information technologies to achieve a better personalised and predictive healthcare, and so consequently enhance health.

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Collection, storage, description, analysis and sharing of large data sets from biomedicine, particularly the signals from EEG, ECG and other bio sensors.

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Our researchers help doctors to fight Crohn's disease

2018-12-03Medical informatics researches developed specialized software for acquiring and storing clinical and epidemiological data regarding Crohn disease and their consequent visual representation. At present, the software is used at the Pediatric clinic of the University Hospital, Plzeň. ...

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Czech-Bavarian research project BASIL started

2017-01-01Project BASIL running from October 2016 until September 2019 will develop an assistance system driven by brain waves for the persons with impaired mobility. Besides our team of UWB, two Bavarian companies are involved int the project. Their principal role is to provide sensors and get the final prototype to market. The project total budget is almost 900 thousands EUR, partly funded in the scope of the "Program přeshraniční spolupráce Česká republika - Svobodný stát Bavorsko (Cíl EÚS 2014 - 2020)". ...

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Our paper has been selected for Editor's choice in Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine

2016-09-14We developed and implemented an improved model of glucose dynamics to fight diabetes - a silent civilization disease that currently ranks as the 8th most common cause of death. Our paper Using meta-differential evolution to enhance a calculation of a continuous blood glucose level, which focused on this topic, has been selected for Editor's choice in Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine (a top-ranked scientific journal). ...

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