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Medical informatics is the interdisciplinary study of the design, development, and application of ICT based innovations in medical and other biomedical fields. Its unique combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge of information technology, computer science, mathematics, and medical issues prepares students for careers that will exploit the power of information technologies to achieve a better personalised and predictive healthcare, and so consequently enhance health. 

Study at our department is based on the international recommendations IEEE / ACM Computing Curricula, International Medical Informatics Association – IMIA, and the European Federation of Medical Informatics - EFMI, regarding the education in medical informatics and is provided in cooperation with the University Hospital in Pilsen, University Medical Center of Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen and Biomedical Center in Pilsen on the basis of the declaration of cooperation in research, development and education. Currently the study is available in two languages (Czech and English) and various forms.

Study in Czech

Please see the Czech version of this page.

Study in English

Postgraduate master study (Computer Science and Engineering / Medical Informatics) aims at educating engineers who will be able to analyse and solve problems in the field of telemedicine, e-health, m-health, or in-silico medical research. More specifically, they will be able to develop, either independently or as team members, software products requiring sophisticated knowledge of statistics, numerical mathematics, signal processing, visualization of both image and volume data, and processing of information extracted from/associated with such data. The graduates can communicate with doctors and other experts in the field of biomedicine, i.e., the users of software products, on one side, and with the experts in mathematics, mechanics and electronics, i.e., the creators of modeling approaches, on the other side, and thanks to that, they can analyze the problem, including the determination of biological or other, e.g., technical restrictions, and to design and implement the most appropriate software product suitable for biomedical practice. By choosing appropriate optional courses, the students can tune their profile into two specific domains: Analyst and developer for clinical practice, and Designer and manager of medical information systems. For  more information, please visit our faculty and/or our department web pages.

Doctoral study (Computer Science and Engineering) leads to a professional research qualification. Applicants are expected to choose the topic of their doctoral thesis and its supervisor. The list of topics and supervisors is available at the web of our faculty. If you are interested in the study in medical informatics, it is recommended to contact a supervisor with the expertise of your interest in advance to discuss their research topics in detail because the official list of topics might not include all topics available and/or enlisted topics might be too general to imagine what could be expected. See also our key personnel.

Short term educational visits &  Summer Internship include mainly working on a small student project. All foreign students are welcome but it is important to point out that we typically do not provide the students with scholarships to cover their travelling and living costs and, therefore, students must obtain their scholarship via Erasmus programme or other mobility programmes. More details can be found at: http://fav.zcu.cz/en/study/mobility/

What you can expect?

In your study, you will learn about our research activities in medical informatics. Especially, you may learn about: