ECG measurement

We offer cooperation in research in the field of medical informatics in the following forms: joint participation in international or national projects, e.g., HORIZON 2020, OP CZ Bavaria, GACR, TACR, and/or contractual research.

We can offer an expert knowledge in research areas of our interests and arrange contact with our partners having the knowledge in other research areas (of medical informatics), e.g., semantic analysis of medical records is a domain of our NLP research group. Among our partners belong academic institutions, e.g.,Charles University in Prague, University of Bedfordshire, University of California, University of Sheffield, research centres, e.g., Biomedical Center in Pilsen, NTIS Centre, clinical centres, e.g., University Hospital in Pilsen, Czech National e-Health Centre, and industrial partners, mainly SMEs, e.g., MediCalc s.r.o., Alien Technik, s r.o. We are a member of International Neuroinformatics Coordination Facility.

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We can also offer online access to our large database of anonymised medical records, annotated medical images, EEG/ERP recordings, etc. and offer licences for using hardware or software prototypes we have developed, e.g., hardware stimulator for cognitive research in neuroscience, software stimulation programs, anonymisation tools, etc.

We provide collection, storage, description, analysis and sharing of large data sets from biomedicine, particularly the signals from EEG, ECG and other bio sensors.

If you are interested, please, contact us.